Committee update 9/25/16

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Committee update 9/25/16

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:22 pm

Here is an update from a recent orchestra committee meeting concerning the hiring process for Building Blocks:

- Current groups would continue performing as in previous years. Subs and members for new groups would be selected from the education roster as needed.

- The orchestra will be polled at the start of each season to identify musicians who are interested in participating in Building Blocks concerts.

- Musicians who express interest would be included on a separate Building Blocks roster that would follow the master roster order listed on symphony organizer.

- Inclusion on the Building blocks roster does not guarantee work. Groups are created as needed and as the budget allows.

Management expressed a desire to offer yearly training opportunities for all musicians who wish to participate in Building Blocks. The details of that training have not been decided but it was suggested that any participating musicians would be paid for attending.


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